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Meetings eh? Not another one please!

We have all been there! Go to a meeting with the intention of getting something productive done, cross off some “to do” items on that list, leave at a particular time…right, wrong! For all of the best intentions, how productive are meetings? Not very as it happens. Generally they start late, the agenda becomes another list entirely and at the end of it all, what can be said, next time, […]

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Knowing your social platform

Knowing Your Social Platform

Never before has it been easier to get information about You, or your company out there. Indeed, there are so many different vehicles that sometimes we can get bogged down wondering where to post and the most important aspect of all is where will your customers find this information. After all, is that not the primary reason why we post?  In order for you to reach your audience, you need […]

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While sitting at my desk

In Ireland, shoulder and back pain are very common with four people out of every 10 experiencing it at some point. If you are sitting down for a large part of the day, it is important to give your body a break by standing up, says Lisa DeStefano, an osteopath and spokesperson for the American Osteopathic Association. When you do, you will work different muscles and get your blood moving up […]

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