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Make your business Pinteresting

Do you remember when you were younger, the times before phones, email or instant messaging? Before you could set detailed reminders on your phone or sync all your calenders so you never miss an appointment? How did we remember anything? Notes. Notes to ourselves, notes to our families, nothing more than a little scrap piece of paper to say “Don’t forget to feed the dog” or “Dentist appointment Monday at […]

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Relationships, Friendships and Business

Networking, we have been doing it since we were children, from the moment we set foot into the playground (and probably long before) we socialise, we get to know people, build relationships. We grow up; we continue to make new friends, some close, some not but our social circle grows. As human beings relationships are vital, we are social creatures and we need them for happiness, and well survival, life […]

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New Month, New Name, New Website!

The world is changing. We are going through a revolution, a social revolution. Boundaries are breaking, space and time differences are becoming things of the past and all thanks to the internet. We no longer have to wait weeks for post, talking to someone in the States can be instant- 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can connect and share with millions of people at the click […]

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