Working life has changed, and so has the traditional idea of an office.

In a post-pandemic world, serviced offices are becoming more and more popular. Businesses no longer wish to invest in long-term leases or buy spacious office buildings.  With more and more enterprises using a blended approach to working, alternatives are being sought out.

And one of those options is serviced offices.

Serviced offices are furnished office spaces located in a building that an operator manages. These owners rent out single or multiple offices to clients.  Also known as managed offices or business centres, these workplaces are flexible and pay as you go, meaning they offer a wide range of benefits.

Here are five of the best.

Advantages of serviced offices 

Great facilities

Within serviced offices lie all the facilities you would expect from a traditional office. Reception desks, good Wi-Fi, kitchen, maintenance and cleaning services, meeting rooms and networking spaces are all on hand to help your business function and thrive.


In serviced offices, you only pay for the space you need. Instead of renting an entire building and incurring extra charges along the way, most of what you need is included in the cost. This means you are budgeting throughout.


Rental terms are flexible, meaning you won’t get stuck in a long-term lease. If you only need the space temporarily or need to remain agile in your location, serviced offices are an intelligent choice.

Access to new markets

Here at the Acorn Business Centre, you have incredible access to business opportunities in the Cork area. Previously, your business may have been unable to set up in such a location or maybe your enterprise is just starting out. Either way, renting a serviced office lets you enter a new market without incurring high costs.

A community feel

Whether you rent a single or multiple office spaces, being part of the serviced office environment at Acorn Business Centre provides a sense of community. Networking opportunities are widespread and after nearly two years of ‘at at home’ working, being close to other business minds creates a sense of normality.

If you have any questions or queries about serviced offices, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Acorn Business Centre by phone on 021 4536199 or email at

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