Having ample office space is all well and good until clutter starts building up – here is how Acorn Business Centre can help.

Office spaces are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to clutter.

From excess documents to boxes to endless piles of paper, a significant jumble can build up in the blink of an eye.

While a messy space is unsightly, it can also affect your productivity.

According to the Harvard Business Review, cluttered spaces have negative effects on stress and anxiety levels. Such an environment can impact your ability to focus, your sleep and your eating habits.

And so, decluttering the office has many benefits, and will greatly improve your ability to manage tasks and work.

However, sometimes, an annual decluttering session isn’t enough. Very often the problem at hand isn’t a surplus of supplies, but the size of the office itself.

In other words, your office might just be too big for your needs and downsizing is the preferable option. This will be especially practical if you have a small business or a team that blends remote and on-site work.

So, how exactly can Acorn Business Centre help?

Fixed-cost office space

Located in Blackrock, Cork, Acorn Business Centre has a unique offering that provides monthly fixed-cost office space rental and a storage facility under one roof.

This means you can store what is needed in a separate area, leaving your workspace tidy, clean and orderly.

The private office spaces at Acorn come fully furnished and equipped with high-speed broadband, printing, copying and scanning facilities, breakout areas and a reception service.

Meanwhile, the onsite storage units can easily stow (while stow is a word, I would prob use store here) filing cabinets, excess tech devices and items the business is required to keep but doesn’t want congesting the working space.

So if you are interested in downsizing and decluttering, please contact Acorn Business Centre at (021) 453 6199 or email info@acornbusinesscentre.ie