Since the COVID-19 threat was announced in Ireland at the beginning of 2020, we in Acorn decided to do advance preparation and introduce protocols to ensure that we would keep our centre COVID free and keep our staff, clients and visitors safe.

  • We implemented COVID safety protocols in line with the initial government guidelines
  • We purchased hand sanitising and cleaning products for use by all centre users
  • We ensured that safe distancing was maintained

As the government implemented stricter guidelines, so did we. We have kept our centre staff and users safety to the fore at all times. It remains a priority until this pandemic ends.

Additional COVID safety protocols we have implemented include:

  • Stricter COVID safety protocols implemented to align our centre with government recommendations. We continue to review these on an ongoing basis.
  • Sanitising stations at reception.
  • Canteen numbers are restricted to one quarter of normal amount.
  • Our large canteen tables now only seat two people with recommended spacing between users.
  • All canteen tables have their own hand sanitizing station and also the canteen has cleaning materials to clean tables after each use.
  • Our clients support us by sanitising canteen tables when they finish using them.
  • Touch points in our common areas are sanitised by our staff on an hourly basis.
  • Our bathroom touch points are also sanitised on an hourly basis.
  • Social distancing signage in place throughout the facility.
  • Face masks are worn by staff, clients and visitors while travelling through common areas like reception area, corridors, canteen and bathrooms.
  • Visitors to the centre complete a COVID visitor form for control and tracing purposes.Our clients are very conscientious in supporting our efforts by following the protocols we have implemented. We will continue to do all that we can to ensure that our centre remains a safe and comfortable environment for all centre users.

Don’t just take our word for it. This is what our clients say…

“Acorn Business Centre enabled and supported us in the provision of essential services to our clients, by implementing protocols that provided an extremely safe working environment that met or surpassed all COVID safety recommendations. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Acorn team.”
McCorry Stuart