Knowing your social platform

Never before has it been easier to get information about You, or your company out there. Indeed, there are so many different vehicles that sometimes we can get bogged down wondering where to post and the most important aspect of all is where will your customers find this information. After all, is that not the primary reason why we post?  In order for you to reach your audience, you need to find out where your customers and potential customers go to find out information.


Your website needs to be up to date at all times.  If customers know of your company, they may try and look up your site directly but if they are looking in a general area, your website needs to be optimised to it’s fullest potential so buzz words are key in your website in order for you to stave off your competitors.


Companies use Facebook to keep a presence online, to launch competitions and to grow their online following.  The company must keep liking and sharing their content to keep their page active.


Companies and individuals can tweet up to the minute information.  Anybody can follow a company for their latest news and interests.  This can be an easy and convenient way for customers to message you.


Many companies will have their suppliers and customers saved onto a database whereby using Mail Merge, a customised and personalised email can be sent to each of these people.  Special offers, newsletters etc. can be distributed using this approach.


The social platform used by professionals world wide.  LinkedIn is used by companies and employees to surround themselves with groups and other like mind professionals sharing and updating their professional profile.

Other social media platforms that can be used and invariably depend on your companies service and products it provides include the following:


People can follow others on Pinterest who have similar tastes or interests in food, exercise, crafts, DIY, etc.  They can easily be accessed on this site and depending on what your company offers, it could lend a great stream of follows to your company.


Take pictures and videos, share them for your social marketing.  Followers can then follow people with similar interests.


Google+ is a social network that builds off of your Google account.  Google+ helps you connect to others with your passion with communities, and helps you keep these interests separate with circles.