Location is the key to most businesses – Phyllis Schlafly

Location is a very important element to consider when looking for a location for your business.  It must be easily accessible to you, and your co workers.  So what are the main points to look at?

First and foremost:


Think about your business and what it involves?  Does it need to be in the city centre, based in the suburbs or close to a main town/city/major road?


What amenities need to be close by?  Will your company have perspective clients calling to your office?  Will you be taking clients out for dinner, or perhaps a round of golf?


Can you advertise your company easily on road signs?  Will new clients/employees be able to find you easily?

Canteen facilities

Are the team going to be spending time out of the office, on the road?  Do they need a space to meet other co-workers and enjoy lunch together?


Parking is a necessity for any company, and depending on how many employees work in a building, parking can sometimes cause problems for companies if there is not an adequate number of parking spaces made available.

Stock Deliveries

Are you a company who needs deliveries of stock on a frequent basis?  Can somebody sign for the stock, make sure everything has been delivered?  Have you space for the additional stock?

File Storage

For some companies, additional space is needed for data files.  Due to the space these boxes need, this would have to be considered when accessing office space and how much of that office space can be dedicated to storage?