The benefits of a receptionist to a business are never-ending.

Having one allows a business to run smoothly and effectively. Time-consuming everyday tasks such as telecommunications are taken care of, meaning you have more time to concentrate on everything else.

However, having a full-time receptionist can be expensive, especially if you own a start-up business.

Meanwhile, as our working lives have altered and the traditional office has become part of a larger structure, having an onsite receptionist may not make sense.

Hybrid working is becoming the norm, and many businesses have chosen to work remotely permanently.

So, can you get the benefits of a receptionist without the hefty cost and the in-situ requirement?

Well, the answer is yes.

A receptionist service takes pressure off your business and provides the solutions of a physical receptionist at a fraction of the cost.

Small or growing businesses in 2022 need to focus on sales and to do their work – this is key to their growth and development.

If you, as a business, can’t spend time answering calls from potential new business or existing clients, this could damage your reputation.

Employing the use of a receptionist service, like the one provided by Acorn, means you get all the benefits without the sizable price tag.

Using our receptionist call answering service means your enterprise will gain in several ways.

The benefits

  • Having an official 021 number
  • Acorn will answer all of your phone calls
  • No more worries about not having time to answer the phone
  • An Acorn receptionist will pass on any messages that you can deal with at a time suiting you
  • Calls will be answered in your business name, adding reliability and credibility
  • Acorn staff will be briefed on your business and get to know you and your team. They will have a great understanding of your business and deal with phone queries efficiently.
  • Post comes to a business address, not to your home which is more professional. It can be held for you to collect, reposted to you, or opened and scanned to you.

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