Offices to rent


Looking for an office in Cork? We have spacious offices to rent, with flexible

Offices to rent2018-05-10T14:49:22+01:00

Need an office for a day?


Looking for an office for a day, or perhaps even just for a few

Need an office for a day?2018-04-13T15:15:31+01:00

An office in an igloo perhaps?


With the Beast from the East, Storm Emma, and breadmageddon all part of last

An office in an igloo perhaps?2018-03-05T11:48:04+00:00

Desk for a day


Are you looking for a desk for the day?  We provide high speed broadband,

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Co-working! Is it for you?


Co-working is a relatively new way of how people are using offices today!  Born

Co-working! Is it for you?2018-02-09T17:13:39+00:00

Meeting room for hire


Looking for a meeting room that has plenty of parking for you and your

Meeting room for hire2017-12-04T15:20:54+00:00

New office


So, you are looking for an office!  One with a view and plenty of

New office2017-10-23T14:47:10+01:00

New windowed offices


Are you in Cork looking for a serviced office?  We not alone have offices

New windowed offices2017-09-18T10:45:51+01:00

New Canteen


Our new canteen is looking and feeling bright!  With lovely natural light coming through,

New Canteen2017-09-15T12:33:31+01:00