Office life, remember that?

Once upon a time, we commuted to and from a building that we conducted work within. We sat at desks, met with colleagues, ate lunch in the canteen and divulged random office gossip over a cup of tea and biscuits.

Then came March 2020, and the world as we knew it changed considerably.

The pandemic forced many of us to work from home full time, changing working environments. While this was a significant adjustment and, at times frustrating, it showed that working hubs could be flexible.

Bricks and mortar are all well and good, but in the age of the internet and constant connection, it was only a matter of time before the digital world took hold of the workplace in the form of a virtual office.

The basics 

So, what exactly is a virtual office?

A virtual office is part of the flexible workspace industry that provides businesses with a combination of services, space and technology.

They are now helping businesses avoid the heavy capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office. Working remotely is now part of everyday life, and so, a virtual office facilitates this but maintains a prestigious business address to present to clients and customers.

The services provided include a postal business address, access to meeting rooms, day desks and phone answering services.

A home office with laptop on table and notepads

Who uses them?

A virtual office can be utilised by any enterprise or individual who feels such a professional service will add success to a business.

It can be used by start-ups, freelancers and even established businesses and organisations taking a more remote approach to work.

The aim of a virtual office is flexibility meaning you can work from your bedroom, but the official office headquarters will be somewhere else. You can then publish this on your website, and clients and customers can call or send post.

Meanwhile, businesses who need a virtual office occasionally can also avail of the service. So, if you are in immediate need of a meeting room of a professional standard, a virtual office is for you.

The benefits of a virtual office 

Cost: Virtual offices cost little compared to leasing or buying office space. If you are starting in business or are in the process of budget cuts, it is a fantastic option.

Flexibility: Work from anywhere in the world but always have a professional base. Plus, you can pick and choose your timings depending on the needs of the business.

Little commitment: Contract terms start monthly meaning minimal commitment. If the situation fails or the business needs to take a different path, it is stress-free to leave and incur little loss.

Image: Having an address and phone number adds competency and expertise to branding. Conducting meetings in professional meeting rooms with good Wi-Fi and presentation facilities will also reinforce the validity of your business.

At Acorn Business Centre, we provide a comprehensive virtual office service and are here to help in any way we can. For more information or queries about pricing and plans, please get in touch with us on 021 4536199 or email

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