The word virtual is described as being “not physically existing” and when this word, “virtual” is paired with the word “office”, the definition doesn’t alter that significantly. A virtual company uses computers and telecommunications to extend it’s capabilities by working routinely with employees or contractors located throughout the country, or indeed the world.

A virtual office setup allows business owners and employees to work from any location by using technology to get their daily work completed.

At Acorn Business Centre, we provide virtual office services.  Be it a start-up company, regional company, national company or indeed, an international company, we can set up a postal address for that company.  To the public, you now have an office in Cork.

Need a Cork phone number also?  No problem, with choices including phone answering and phone divert, we can set this up for you easily.

Live near Cork and meeting potential clients, then why not use our meeting room facility?  With meeting rooms to suit different meeting sizes, and organised catering, why would you go anywhere else?

So why settle for just an address when at Acorn Business Centre, you can avail of so much more?